Home is Where the Heart is!!


That day when mom had a minor heart pain and I rushed from the office to take her to the emergency room of Fortis hospital, was the last day of my corporate life.

Source: Home is Where the Heart is!!

8 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart is!!

      1. vibhash

        Blessings are the best medicine that I ever find and that is hard to earn than money 😊so those who have blessing with them need not to worry .😊😊

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      2. vibhash

        I was reading your post of regarding you have written about you. So I was thinking to comment there but that post doesn’t contain comments section 😊😊


      3. meetruchisharma Post author

        What I understand from what you write is that you wish to comment on the ‘About’ section on my blog, but there is no comments section…
        Its there!! And people have commented there….may be you could check back again after sometime..:)

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