Dessert Desires: Carrot Fudge

Sweet cravings after a meal run in my family’s genes it seems (And no, thankfully it doesn’t translate into diabetes). Its not just my family, on asking some friends educated me of the fact that most people crave a sweet dish after meals. And specific to our home, we usually keep the Agra ka petha (the city of the Taj Mahal, Agra, is famous for this), a packet of Fox’s sweets, cream wafers, etc. as the after dinner saviors.

But this time I came across this yummy and nutritious recipe of Baby Carrot Burfi (Read: Carrot Fudge) by TasteBuds and decided to make these to satiate my family’s dessert desires for atleast a week.

These turned out to be absolutely sumptuous and I would certainly recommend this recipe. It’s easy to make and the results are in front of you!! 🙂

Baby Carrot Burfi

Its made with carrots, full cream milk, sugar, khoya (condensed milk, in the form of  tough milk block), ghee (clarified butter), cardamom powder and nuts for the garnish.

The milk is brought to a boil and grated carrot is added. The mixture of milk and carrot is cooked on a low-medium flame until the milk gets absorbed by the carrot. This step is followed by adding sugar and khoya. I used negligible amounts of ghee, to lower the fat intake and also because khoya on heating starts leaving ghee, enough to provide the required greasing. Finally, cardamom is added and the fudge is set in a tin box and garnished with nuts. I used almonds and cashews. Once cooled, the fudge is cut into squares to give the shape of Burfi. The sumptuous carrot burfis are ready to eat.

Thank you TasteBuds, this recipe will now be a constant on my favorite homemade desserts list.

P.S.: For complete recipe, you can visit Baby Carrot Burfi on TasteBuds.



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      Yes its super delicious..thank you for liking.

      Oh you sure have found an admirer of your work in me. And, well i love photography myself and keep my lens ready to capture the beauty of nature and my surroundings in general. Whenever i get to post some pics on my blog, would love to hear your thoughts…stay connected 🙂

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