Ocean Stone Painting: Creativity and Beyond

My love for experimenting with colors took a new path when I decided to do some pebble painting. Here in Delhi, it’s easier to find piles of bricks ready to build huge bungalows and mansions, but finding one pebble is quite an impossible task.

My eyes kept searching at various places for those oval pebbles, which could be painted and set around that Ganesha idol in my living room, further enhancing the beauty of the idol of the Lord of new beginnings. That was the idea I initially had for my living room decor.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I could not find the desired pebbles and rather on searching around the garden area of my own house I found hidden treasures from my father’s gardening days. These were some relatively big, beautiful, oval shaped ocean stones, which dad had collected especially for decorating around the earthen flower pots in our house. How had I not seen them till now!

Perfect for making a beautiful centerpiece for a table, I painted one of the stones all green. On that, I painted a beautiful feather in yellow outlined with golden paint on one side and a simple abstract design in gold on the other. This made it a perfect, reversible centerpiece for the lobby table.

Feather painted on stone

Painted Ocean Stone

I placed the stone in a flat China vase and surrounded it with green marbles.

painted stone in china pot

Painted Stone as a Centerpiece in Flat China Vase Surrounded with Green Marbles

reverse of the stone

Reverse of the Ocean Stone Painted with Abstract Design

The painted stone at the center of the house signifies strong foundation and stability, while the green marble spheres are a symbol of constant movement and entry of positive energy in the house. The color green itself signifies hope, harmony and good atmosphere around the house.

So much said, I found a way to display my talent and make a lovely decorative piece for my home. It came at a precious price of patience and creativity added up together. 🙂

Hope you like this.


10 thoughts on “Ocean Stone Painting: Creativity and Beyond

    1. meetruchisharma Post author

      Thank you sooo much Divya 🙂

      Yes, there is a lot a significance of colours in our lives and many sciences and studies believe in the same. Though i am not an expert in any of these sciences, but believe that just as the nature creates magical and surreal effects with rainbows, colourful flora and fauna, etc., we humans, a part of that nature can thrive on a similar thought and gain positivity from the vibrance of these colours. 🙂

      If put simply, just imagine a sketch in pencil and the same when filled with colours, the latter certainly brings life to the sketch.

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  1. Mridhula

    Loved it…. I do collect pebbles here from beaches …they are usually smaller ones….and have painted small abstract lines and circles ….was totally excited to see your work….and thanks for writing about colors ..Will give a try! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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