Close to Nature: Picnic, Promenade and Photography

Purely for my love for photography, I am sharing some pictures from my nature walk with family to the Hauz Khas Lake, which we concluded with a refreshing cup of masala tea at Chaayos to give our aching feet and tired souls a caffeine kick.

Well, the visit to the lake was one of those random plans made early morning because we just wanted to break free from boredom of the daily routine. So we decided to make it into a mini picnic. Instead of going out to eat at one of the theme based lounges and bars, which are in abundance at the Hauz Khas Village, we decided to go the ‘Aloo Parantha and Achaar Picnic’ way (Read: ‘Potato Stuffed Indian Flatbreads with Pickle Picnic’ way), with Kurkure packets as the all time favourite in-between meal snacks and some cans of Coke. Perfect! 🙂

It’s so lovely to just relax on a winter afternoon, close to nature, with family and absolutely no formalities and complete lazing around. Just to clarify, this sojourn I talk about is from the last winters.

Rare are the occasions when we get time for some real outing with family. A simple and absolutely enjoyable date with loved ones during a time when everyone else seems to be rushing to that new restaurant, that newly opened branded showroom in the mall, etc.

So we started off by taking a small walk around the Hauz Khas Fort, which gave us a glimpse of the historic architectural delight. Followed by the much awaited ‘Aloo Parantha and Achaar’ Picnic, the Aloo Paranthas courtesy my lovely sister and homemade mango pickle by mommy dearest.

Finally, we made our way to the Hauz Khas Lake, a nature walk with the lake on our left side and dense foliage on the right side. It was a lovely time away from the commotion and pollution of the city life.

The best part came when the day was nearing its end and the soft glow of the sun at dusk time made the lake waters sparkle with its golden rays. As we sauntered around the periphery of the lake, taking in its beauty at that hour, my eyes fell on flocks of ducks and geese that were either languidly swimming in the lake or rushing to the shore to find some food that their audiences kept feeding them at regular intervals.

I managed to capture some photographs and sharing the ones I loved the most with you all.






Our walk ended with a relaxing cup of evening tea, a few family photographs, lots of talks about how wonderful a day it had turned out to be, and oodles of praises for the delicious Aloo Paranthas by sister dear.

Hope you liked these!


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