Illuminating My World Through Bangle Candle Holders

With the Diwali Fervor setting in all around the world, here are some glass bangle candle holders I made for Diwali. Hope you like these and try making some for your home as well.

I am sure these are are going to make those conventional diyas look more colorfully vibrant and divinely illuminated.

Wishing all my readers a Happy Festive Time 🙂

A Homemaker's World

Hello there!

Here’s another craft DIY by A Homemaker’s World. This time its candle holders made from glass bangles.

There was this big box of old yet colorful and glittery bangles lying around my home for quite some time. In Indian traditions we consider broken bangles inauspicious for any further use. The bangles I had were a mix of broken and unbroken, yet old ones. So i carefully pulled out the whole ones and disposed off the broken ones.

I really wished to make something bright and colorful with these bangles, so decided to make a few candle holders.

I started by placing 12-15 bangles in a beautiful sequence as is usually worn on hands, a mix of 2-3 colors of bangles and a few glittery ones. I cut a round shaped cardboard to make the base of the candle holders. Next, I started gluing the bangles one on top of another in the sequence…

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