Cakes with a Green Dot

Ever since I took to full-time homemaking after quitting my consulting job, I invested a lot of my time honing my long lost art and craft hobbies and taking my culinary skills to the next level. And cake baking is that newly adopted hobby which is close to becoming a passion.

I desperately wait for the next birthday or another celebratory day (New Year, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, etc. etc. etc.) in my family, when I can bake my next cake.

My family prefers eating eggless cakes and pastries and that’s why I usually bake 100% vegetarian cakes.  That’s why this page is called ‘Cakes with a Green Dot’.

I personally believe that eggless cakes when compared with the egg based ones are spongier, rise higher, and are absolutely scrumptious. My family drools over the cakes I bake, so I have testimony vouching for ‘Cakes with a Green Dot’. :p

My love for baking cakes keeps growing as I go on exploring and experimenting with new flavours, designs/patterns, icings, and decorative methods. And you will mostly find my cakes to be easy to make and the ingredients, be it for the cake or cake decoration, well under the realms of your reach.

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Happy Baking!