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Photography Instincts: Water Droplets Captured My Way (Part 2)

Last time it rained here in Delhi, it turned out to be a stormy night followed by an equally rain-laden day.

But little did I know that the storm would leave behind a beautiful and serene picture.

It took me barely five steps outside my home to feel the petrichor and witness the lushness of freshly washed and perfectly clean leaves right after the rains in my small garden. And here by garden I mean a collection of plants in some thirty odd earthen pots which is the only way to add some beauty and fresh air to our lives in a multi-storeyed establishment. 🙂

Amid all this view of nature’s beauty, my eyes fell on the sole leaf of a plant that carefully balanced rain drops on its shiny surface.

Delicate and picturesquely beautiful is all I could describe the view to be, a picture of fine balance that could be ruined by the stroke of a feather or the lightest blow of the wind.

As for my camera that is usually stocked in one corner, low on charge and dust bearing these days, an instinct on my part to click a photograph or two charges its batteries almost magically.

Therefore, without any further delay I photographed this absolute beauty painted by the Rain Gods before it vanished and left me with just another leaf on just another plant in my home garden.

Leaf 1

Rain Drops on a Leaf

Isn’t this beautiful!!

It seems that ‘A Homemaker’s World’ just got a little bigger, spreading its wings beyond the four walls of the home and kitchen from where my previous posts on Water Droplets Captured My Way were published.

Have a Happy Time Photographing and Expressing!! 🙂

Let’s Connect More

Hi All,

Its so interesting to know that so many of us are quite active on other social media platforms. Recently, when I started a Facebook page and became more active on Twitter, I noticed many people on these platforms have a blog on WordPress.

Frankly, I find it a tad difficult to go to different profiles and check if they are fellow bloggers and might share similar interest. Its always good to find familiar faces in a new world and now that so many of us are connected here via our blogs, let’s connect with each other elsewhere as well.

Below are the snapshots of my Facebook Page and Twitter and Pinterest profiles, respectively. I will be happy to connect with you all of any of these.

If you wish to connect, simply click on the image or the caption to get to the respective page/profile.

Also, please don’t forget to share your social media URL in the comments, I will be glad to hit a like or follow 🙂

A Homemaker’s World on Facebook

My Soul, My Sanctuary!

What does the word ‘Sanctuary’ bring to your mind at its very first mention? A safe haven, a nature reserve or a place of worship are the meanings that come to my mind instantly. Further, being a homemaker by choice, my home, as for many is certainly my sanctuary, a place where I find ultimate mental, physical and emotional satiety.

But as I think one step ahead, about attaining the satisfaction and feeling connected with myself, the ultimate sanctum sanctorum I find is in my soul and believe that every single human being’s place of hope, satisfaction, and sanctity lies within their souls.

There is no place of worship in the world that can miraculously deliver the desires of your mind and heart, unless you soulfully embrace the desired and put every possible effort to attain what you really wish for.

I may not be in a position to say that I have achieved whatever I desired till date, but the purity of my soul, the satisfaction with what I have in life and the hope that the future holds something better for me and my loved ones, keeps me going and growing.

God had been really kind to me till 28 years of my life. Lovely family, perfect education, a job that carved my personality to finesse, lots of friends and well wishers. But then I lost my dad five years back, the first loss of life in the 28 years of my being was soul shattering. Losing a parent feels like getting a limb chopped off from you. If this was less, within six months of losing my father, I was faced with the near loss my second parent, when Mom had a heart ache and finally had to be operated to get a fresh new heart and life. That was the time when I became the Messiah for my family because I could rush from work to save my Mom by getting her the best possible medical attention in time. Pheww…those were trying times.

That was the time I really found myself growing up. A time when I had to play the role of a mother, a daughter and a friend to Mom, the phase of getting her back to normal life after losing her life partner, of recovering from a major surgery and of remoulding her from being a doting wife and parent to taking charge as the head of the family, the decision maker.

The phase was a life changing one for me as I decided to devote 100 percent of my time to home, from becoming a workaholic to a homemaker within 3 months. This was a decision I had never ever dreamt of taking in my life. And here I am today. Proud to be the person I am; prouder of the decisions I took and above all satisfied to the core.

This was a very small phase of my life, a very personal level decision that I took. But when I look from the perspective of how lucky I am to have been able to take this decision of quitting everything for my family (read the pressure of financial challenges that would not allow millions of people to take such a decision even if they wished so), I see a dawn of relief and contentment. This is what matters the most.

This was a tiny example, which may not be as hard hitting for most. But the purpose of narrating these few years of my life was to share that small decisions lead to big ones and how being answerable to one’s own self is what matters in the end.

Here I am today writing a blog, which is nothing but a sneak peek into my ever so changed, but lovable life and I am proud of it.

My soul, my sanctuary, which helps me take the most balanced and best decisions of my life, has won over any other meanings of a true sanctuary for me. Now I am aware, no matter what the future holds for me, I am sure of my decisions because I know where to go to seek help, it’s me, myself.

Ever pondered over the simple phrase, “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” from this angle? Think about it and help yourselves.

Hope you like this.

First 500 Likes!


Its just been a little under two months when I published my first post on ‘A Homemaker’s World’ and I proudly mention the first 500 likes on my blog.

Thank you all for appreciating and encouraging me with your compliments every time I post on the blog.

This means a lot to me and will definitely take my zest for writing more interesting posts and articles one step ahead.