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My name is Ruchi Sharma, a Business Analyst turned complete Homemaker.  This transformation in my work profile and hence my lifestyle and that sudden change of people’s outlook towards my life challenged me to think over this new role.

This triggered me to share this molecular thought across to billions of people on this virtual world and let it prevail as a notion that its the Homemaker who makes homes a place where families flourish. That’s when the idea of sharing my thoughts via this blog emerged.

Love and respect for The Homemakers!

My blog is all about life, about how I enjoy the smallest pleasures of life, be it Cooking for loved ones, bringing out the creative side of me through paintings, art and craft, DIY projects, photography; Reading, Scribbling my otherwise unsaid thoughts… and I know, life will give me many opportunities to keep this list ticking…:)

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    1. meetruchisharma Post author

      Thank you Miriam, its my pleasure to have you visit my blog and I am happy that you enjoy reading my posts…thanks for connecting…would love to stay in touch 🙂 Hugs from India 🙂

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