The Henna of Celebrations

In India, the festive and wedding seasons are around the corner and so is the time for celebrations. And the word celebrations brings with it fun, entertainment, food, dancing, singing, culture specific traditions and rituals, dressing up, decorations, and above all thanking God for all the positivity around with lots of offerings in the form of prayers and fasting. I am sure toΒ have left out a long list of things that are an integral part of Indian traditions apart from the aforementioned ones.

But one thing I personally love and can never forget is the tradition of putting Henna (Mehendi) designs on hands and feet during all these celebrations. Be it weddings or festivals, henna forms an important part of celebrations in the culturally diverse land of India.

Tattooing henna designs is such a craze in India that during festive time a visit to even a local market would expose you to a number of henna artists ready to show their skills on your hands and feet for a charge, of course. In fact, it’s a windfall time for the henna artists around this time.

Even women and girls are near experts when it comes to henna tattooing in many households and can dye hands of family and friends in henna with panache and in no time.

People say that it’s very auspicious for women (even the grooms for their wedding day) to put henna on their hands and feet.

Though, putting henna on hands and feet of women has religious link ups, many elders say that henna can change your fate lines and bring good luck. πŸ™‚

Well, as I grew up I came to realize what it really meant when elders said about the fate changing qualities of henna. They say that our entire life’s fate is written in the lines of our hand and feet. Therefore, for me putting henna is nothing but a way of dyeing your hands and feet in beautiful designs and forgetting about all your troubles for those celebratory moments and enjoying them to the fullest.

It’s also a way of distressing and taking a break from the humdrum tasks (especially during festivities), I believe. The gorgeous designs and the fragrance of henna are relaxing for many. The comparison among girls about whose henna design is the darkest and whose husband loves her most, is a common humour related to henna tattooing among Indian women.

As a kid I remember being super excited around the festive season because Mom would put a new henna pattern on my hands. As we grew up, I and my sisters took to making some henna designs after imitating from magazines and now the Internet. πŸ™‚

I love doing henna designs myself. πŸ™‚ Here are a couple of designs I made for some festivals last year and desperately waiting for this year’s festivals to get down to some henna tattooing.

Henna 5

I know these aren’t the best and there are people who are much better at this. But the idea was to rev up the festive fervour and bring in some feel of celebrations.

Hope you liked reading! πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “The Henna of Celebrations

  1. Divya Deepak Rao

    Oh my! Beautiful designs Ruchi! Very creative πŸ™‚
    I love Henna too… Back in Bangalore , I frequently fought stress by going to the local Mehendi wala & indulging in some henna… I’m addicted to its aroma too!.. Thanks for sharing … Brought back some warm memories.. Been so long since then….

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    1. meetruchisharma Post author

      Thanks Divya…so glad i could bring back fond henna memories from back in India for you…its certainly one of the best ways for women to sit back and relax after running around for festival/wedding preparations… πŸ™‚ tomorrow we have the Teej festival here in north India, followed by the Rakhi festival a few days from now and so on and the weddings too….so lots of henna tattooed hands on display all around….love the feel πŸ™‚

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  2. anyone4curryandotherthings

    good morning Rushi – first of all, I think WP is “playing up” again – various posts from friends in the last week or so have not reached me (and despite the fact I follow you!) Luckily I clicked on your site!!! I love Henna, but now I just use ‘stick-ons” A friend of mine back in London (Jazzy Bindi) is the most incredible Bindi etc. designer. He made wonderful things for me over the years – now our girls and I just wear his gold, silver, black henna coloured designs on our hands, arms, feet…..I think its wonderful that you can design and draw your own Mehndi designs – they do look so beautiful. Let us see your work for his years festive season. I in particular like the two finger ones on the right side. Really lovely!!! πŸ™‚

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    1. meetruchisharma Post author

      Thank you Carina…I am glad you loved the henna designs i made on my hands….even my favourite are the finger ones…i got my hands done this year by henna artists as i wanted to have mehendi on both hands….the only drawback of doing henna designs yourself….so my right hand always got left out…the artists did a fabulous job…incredible designs and beautiful deep red…..near dark brown colour…:) thank you for appreciating again…and yes I know there are a lot of stick on designs and instant henna tatoos available in the market….but i am sure a fan of the conventional way of putting henna…. πŸ™‚ love Ruchi

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  3. houssnati

    Hello, I’ve just discovered your blog, nice post. I love henna. In Comoros, henna & henna tattoos are a commonly way to celebrate both weddings and women’s beauty. I love the designs you chooseπŸ˜‰.

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